Feather picture of Deer
    My feather pictures are hand carved using the smallest of surgeons scalpels, a massive magnifier and lots and lots of patience. They are cut in such a way so you can admire the wonderful structure and beauty that is the feather and at the same time marvel at the picture that it has become.

    Starting with hundreds of feathers and a design in my mind, each feather is inspected with a magnifier in the hope of finding that one perfect feather. It needs to be not only beautiful but also have the structure to allow me to carve it without it falling apart. Once chosen it can take hours of careful planning to choose where and how to cut the feather, often one barbule at a time, until the picture slowly starts to emerge.

    The flying birds, which are often cut from the same feather, are then mounted on a single tiny pin, which along with the curved structure of the primary feather, creates subtle shadows and a stunning sense of depth in each and every picture.
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