When I am not making feather pictures most of my spare time is spent training or working my gundogs. It is my absolute passion and one that sees me spending most of the shooting season doing what I love best, picking up with my labradors.

    It is this time spent in the countryside, often stood quietly alone for long periods, waiting for the drive to start that allows me to closely observe all that is around me. From the buzzard hovering high in the sky, the fallow doe peeking out of the cover, to the hares running across the field, it is truly inspirational.

    Once the drives starts my focus is on the dogs and watching them work. The hours of training coming to fruition as the dogs handle perfectly on the whistle. Over the course of a season I must watch thousands of pheasant and partridge take to the sky and they are probably along with the dogs, the main influences in my work. I don’t think I will ever tire of making pictures with a flying pheasant or two.

    I suppose growing up in a tiny village in the Derbyshire Peak District and spending all my time helping out on the farm, meant it was inevitable that I would always have a passion for the countryside. It’s that passion, which combines perfectly with my love of dogs, that inspires me to create the pictures I do.
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